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Welcome to the OFIS Newsroom!

In order to keep our members, the public, politicians and the media aware of issues impacting independent schools in Ontario, we post and archive important articles and responses for easy retrieval. Besides providing links to original articles and responses made by OFIS or other independent school groups, we post the most up to date information on government changes in education, parental choice and school choice ideas and legal expectations for independent schools.

Check here often and stay up to date on what’s happening in independent education in Ontario.
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Recent Posts

Sex Ed Protests Give Birth To New Private Schools In Toronto

September 30 2015 – Selena Ross – The Globe & Mail –?The province does, however, keep more recent numbers on ¡°notices of intention to open a private school,¡± which have jumped in the past two years. In 2013-14, there were 94; then 155 in 2014-15. For this school year, there have been 148.

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Parents Scrambling For Alternatives To Public Schools Amid Sex-Ed Row

September 3 2015 – Kristin Rushowy – Toronto Star – “Families who oppose the new curriculum looking at home-schooling, private education as possible outcomes.”

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If The Government Will Give Us Our Own Cash To Fund Child Care, Why Not Schools?

July 21 2015 – Marni Soupcoff – Globe & Mail – “There¡¯s a far simpler approach that bypasses the necessity of centrally planning province-wide education systems that will work for all the hundreds of thousands of different circumstances, needs and desires of the kids and families involved: give parents a $12,000 voucher (or whatever the current per child spending amount on education is in a given province) and let them use it at the school of their choice.”

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Boost Competition In Education To Keep Wages In Line

June 25 2015 – Christine VanGeyn – Hamilton Spectator – “Parents and students should expect strikes to continue, considering the lack of competition within Ontario’s education system….One workable solution could be to simply create more choice in education. There is some competition between boards, primarily the English Public and English Catholic boards, but more school choice may be a useful pressure valve to undercut the overwhelming power the teachers unions have over government and parents.”

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How To Break Ontario’s Monopoly On Education

May 26 2015 – Michael VanPelt – Globe & Mail – “”It is possible that if the tax credit (EETC) had not been repealed, we would be in a different situation today. But instead, the government is voting on whether to force teachers back to work. By giving parents options and encouraging teachers¡¯ unions to bargain more fairly without the power of an all-out monopoly, the current cycle could be broken.”

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Playing Dumb On School Choice

February 17 2015 – Jerry Agar – Toronto Sun – “It is asinine and condescending to assume parents want their children taught to be fools in any school…with a basic understanding of market forces coupled with less bigotry and ignorance, we could improve education”

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Guelphites Like Choice When It Comes To Schools

January 19 2015 – Bob Moore – Guelph Mercury –?Guelph is known as a city that values alternatives. Alternative medicine practitioners thrive in Guelph. Community endeavours and co-ops exist in all the major market sectors, most notably Co-operators Insurance. So it should be no surprise that Guelph also hosts quite a few independent schools totalling almost 1,000 students.

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B.C. Model Of School Funding Makes Sense For Ontario

September 29 2014 – Christina Blizzard – Toronto Sun – Fraser Institute Researcher Deani Van Pelt said Ontario could save $1.9 billion annually if it adopted the B.C. funding model, which only fully funds anglophone and francophone public schools ¡ª and provides 50% funding for Catholic and other religious and independent schools. Startling new figures in the newest report from The Fraser Institute

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Cardus Makes The Case For School Choice

September 4 2014 –?Fresh North American data and a provocative new research paper from an esteemed Ontario academic clinch the argument for making school choice a key part of educational policy for the public good.

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Seeking School Choice (And Not Just For Catholics)

September 5 2014 – National Post – Chris Selley –?“Politically speaking, the system will become too absurdly anachronistic and unfair for even dozy Ontarians to ignore. And at that point there will be a choice at hand: Does Ontario merge the public and Catholic systems or as many activists and provincial greens support? Or does it widen the choice, as BC and other provinces do?

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