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February 20 2014 – Private School Owners & Operators Meet Regularly To Respond To Bill 143 –

Bill 143, the Child Care Modernization Act , was tabled by the provincial government on December 3 2014. It began debate on February 18 2014.? There is opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback to the government on?this bill before March 14 2014 and opposition parties are also looking to hear from those affected. Parents deserve real choice. Private schools are committed to offering the best, highest quality education that parents require. Private schools are happy to be part of a public consultation process on a bill that really works to keep kids safe.

Summary Notes – Stakeholder Session #1 – January 13 2014

Summary Notes – Stakeholder Session #2 – February 20 2014

MPP Letter – Questions & Concerns on Bill 143 – Print & Send Before March 14 2014

Provide Feedback To Government On Concerns/Questions About Bill 143 – Before March 14 2014