12月17日,深圳证券交易所上市公司欧飞科技今天宣布,澄清“收购JDI股份”的相关媒体报道。近日,Ofi技术有限公司(以下简称“公司”)关注媒体转载了发行的《Ofi技术导致日本JDI公司33%的收购额为30亿元》和《Ofi技术银行信贷28.5亿元,导致组建财团收购部分JDI股权》的名称。通过ChimNet.报告在网上传开了.奥菲技术正引领着计划在日本购买33%的JDI公司30亿元,“报告说:”由多家企业组成的中国财团打算投资30亿元收购日本显示器公司(JDI)33%的股份。据报道,参与此次收购的中国财团的首领是中国移动电话模块的主要供应商奥菲光(改名为“奥菲光科技”)。OFI科技投资部相关人士表示,目前OFI科技上市公司没有相关公告,以公告为准。Offei Technology Bank credited 2.85 billion yuan, Chuan led the formation of a consortium to buy part of JDI equity," the report said: "... On December 15, Offel Technology issued an announcement on bank credit and guarantees,... At the same time, Offi Technologies deliberated a total of 2850 million yuan of bank credit, which may be the first step to take over JDI. To avoid misleading investors, Offi Technologies said that the company carefully checked the relevant issues. The clarifications are as follows: 1. Japan Display Inc., a Japanese panel manufacturer, has made preliminary contacts with Offi Technologies in seeking and negotiating mergers and acquisitions in recent days, but as of todays announcement, no agreement has been reached between the two sides. Any substantive progress; 2. The amount of bank credit of 2850 million Yuan approved by the board of directors of the company in recent days is mainly to ensure the normal operation of subsidiaries, project commissioning and supplement the needs of supporting liquidity gap funds, to facilitate the companys flexible portfolio of funds and improve the efficiency of capital tra3;The Ministry of Investment and related personnel of the company have not accepted the responsibility for this matter. He media interviews and authorizes the release of any information; 4. The companys current core business is image and optical related business, follow-up will focus on the optical field to strengthen innovation, in-depth layout, and make the optical business bigger and stronger.